Chart of Correspondences between the Operations of Alchemy and Ancient Spiritual Traditions

Chart of Correspondences

  1. Correspondences of Chemical References









Chemical Arcanum


Process Colors


Process Odors

Calcination Roasting; Conflagration; Reduction; Trituration Fire(Solve) Lead Sulfuric Acid (Vitriol) Black;  Magenta Biting;    Brim- stone
Dissolution Dissolving; Corrosion; Cibation; Bain Marie Water(Solve) Tin (Pewter) Iron Oxide (rust:action of water on metal) Light blue; White Acrid;      Vinegary
Separation Sifting; Filtration; Fission; Cutting  Air(Solve) Iron  (Steel) Sodium Carbonate (bubbling) Red; Orange Rotten Eggs
Conjunction Fixation; Reunion; Amalgamation; Conglomeration Earth    (et or conjunct) Copper; (Bronze; Brass; Gold) Sodium Nitrate (union with Life Force) Green Chlorinic
Fermentation Digestion; Putrefaction; Congelation; Ceration Sulfur(Coagula) Mercury (Copper) Liquor Hepatis (Balsam of the Soul) Blue- green; Tur- quoise Putrid/  Perfumed at same time
Distillation Potentizing;Exaltation; Cohobation; Multiplication Mercury(Coagula) Silver (Mercury; Antimony) Black Pulvis Solaris White; Rainbow Fresh; After rain smell
Coagulation Sublimation; Projection; Fusion Salt(Coagula) Gold (Silver) Red Pulvis Solaris Violet; Purple Flowery;  Heavenly scented


II. Correspondences of Astrology and Numerology






Day of Week


Planetary Influence




Numer- ology



Calcination Saturn Saturday Limitation; Suppression of emotions Aries; Sagittarius Monad Do
Dissolution Jupiter Thursday Expansion; Creation of Sociality; Humility Cancer Dyad Re
Separation Mars Tuesday Assertiveness; Driving Energy Scorpio Triad Mi
Conjunction Venus (Earth; Sun) Friday Pleasure; Love; Freeing of emotions; Confidence Taurus Tetrad Fa
Fermentation Mercury (Venus) Wednes- day Increased consciousness; Inspiration Leo; Capricorn Pentad So
Distillation Moon (Mercury)  Monday Purification of instincts; Wisdom Virgo;  Libra Hexad La
Coagulation Sun (Moon) Sunday Vitality; True Individuality Gemini; Pisces; Aquarius Heptad  



III. Correspondences of Psychology






Conscious State


Intention  or Desire


Negative Qualities


Positive Qualities

Calcination Ego; Purifi- cation of thoughts; Thinking Funtion Materialistic; Neurotic; Fire needed Penitence; Maturity; Planning; Hope; Integration Stubborn; Slow; Re- signed;Cold; Fearful; Phlegmatic Practical; Patient; Prudent
Dissolution Id; Subcon- scious; Purifi- caiton of feel- ings; Feeling Function. Emotional blockages; Nightmares; Water needed Beauty; Friends; Romance; Pleasure Excessive; Greedy; Selfish love; Limited view; Melancholic Generous; Sociable; Optimistic
Separation Essences;  Purification of will; Intuitive Function Mindful; Aware of opposites:   Air needed Affluence, wealth; Courage; Power Cruel; Vio- lent; Angry; Controlling; Willful; Choleric Courage; Daring; Initiating; Determined
Conjunction Essences united; Purfi- cation of   body; Sensa- tion Function Blissful; In love; Enraptured; Earth needed Fertility; Marriage; Home- making Lustful; Wanton; Possessive; Passionate; Sanguine Sensitive; Loving; Kind;   Appreciative; Cheerful
Fermentation Inspiration; Religious fervor; Purifi- cation of soul Higher con- sciousness; Beyond physical desire; Sulfur needed Wisdom; Intuition; Speech; Divine union Tricky; Lying; Sneaky; Not connected to world Intelligent; Hopeful; Lively; Imaginative
Distillation Divine Con- sciousness; True object- ivity; Purifi- cation of spirit Equanimity; One-pointed;   Point source of consciousness; Mercury need- ed Knowledge; Journey to Other Side; Psychic powers Unemotional; Detached; Aloof Reflective; Intuitive
Coagulation Transper- sonal Self ; God; The Stone; Purifi- cation of presence Union with God; Nirvana; Satori; Synchronicities; Aware of non- self; Salt need- ed Success; Illumination; Truly righteous; Creative realization Arrogant; Proud; Over- confident Genuinely Confident; Authentic; Whole



IV. Correspondences of Ancient Traditions




Emerald Tablet


Yogic Path






Bible Church



Calcination Its father is the Sun. Yama (Abstention) Asceticism; Concen- tration Malkuth (matter) Ephesus Seal of the White Horse
Dissolution Its mother the Moon. Niyama      (Personal improvement); Asana (Free body energy) Access State; Meditation;  the Jhanas Yesod (found- ation) Laodi- cea Seal of Silence
Separation The Wind carries it in its belly. Pratyahara (Control of mind and senses) Mindful- ness; Basic Insight; Dukkha Hod; Netsah (splend- or; firm- ness) Perga- mos Seal of the Red Horse
Conjunction Its nurse is the Earth. Pranayama (Union of the two parts of Life Force) Nirvana; Brilliant lights; Rapture Tifereth (magnifi- cence) Smyrna Seal of the Black Horse
Fermentation Separate the Earth from Fire, the Subtle from the Gross. Dharana (Fixing mind on object; Concentrate) Avatar; Realization of Higher Reality Gevurah; Hesed (beauty; strength) Thyatira Seal of the Pale Horse
Distillation It rises from Earth to Heaven and de- scends again to Earth. Dhyana (Meditation: Undisturbed flow of thought) Effortless Insight; Anatta; Anicca Binah; Hokmah (Intelli- gence; wisdom) Philadel- phia Seal of the Upheavals
Coaglation Glory of Whole Universe;  greatest Force of all pow- ers. Samadhi (Union with object of contem-  plation) Nirodh; Beyond conscious- ness Kether/ En Soph (crown or God) Sardis Seal of the Souls Slain


V. Correspondences of Archetypal Images












Animal Totem

Calcination Cronus; Satan; Apollo; Hephaestus Cassiel Hellfire; Funeral pyre; Cremation Not Doing; First Attention Lizard; Bear; Crow
Dissolution Dionysus; Rhea; Demeter Sachiel Floods; Melt- ing; Tears; Intoxication Stalking; Personal Power Fish; Frog; Turtle
Separation Osiris;  Prometheus; Heracles Samael Swords; Dis- memberment; Divorce Seeing; Second Attention Owl; Beaver
Conjunction Cupid (Eros); Aphrodite; Zeus’ wives; Epimetheus Anael Glue; Chains; Sexual acts; Angels; UFOs landing Path of Heart; Leaving the Tonal; Spiritual Warrior Deer; Buffalo
Fermentation Isis; Athene; Hermes; Jesus Raphael; Michael Thunderstorms & Lightening; Grapes or wine barrels Meeting the Ally; Entering the Nagual World Snake Rainbow Man; Wolf; Coyote
Distillation Daedulus; Leda and the Swan; Diana and the Stag; Pegasus Gabriel Dew; Rain; Baptismal fonts; Lotus flower Clear Deter- mination; Magical Will Mountain Lion; White Buffalo
Coagulation Ganymedes; Christ; Krishna Michael; Raphael Wings; Gold; Stone or Egg; Diamond; Heaven Impeccability; Projection; Shamanic Flight Eagle


VI. Correspondences of Physiological Alchemy








Spectral Position




Healing Effects

Calcination Muladhara  (Physical; Instinctual; Lead Chakra) Sacrum; Anus; Gonads; Thick mucus Infrared; Dark Red Garnet; Red Jasper; Hematite; Obsidian Courage; Strength; Grounding
Dissolution Svadhisthana (Sexuality; Sociality; Tin Chakra) Genitals; Spleen; Lungs; Black bile Orange Carnelian; Fire Opal Warm energy; Fertility
Separation Manipura        (Will; Intellect; Iron Chakra) Solar plexus; Gallbladder; Navel; Adren- als; Red bile Bright Yellow Yellow Citrine; Tiger Eye; Ruby Detoxification; Self-esteem; Uplifting; Cheerful; Balancing
Conjunction Anahata     (Emotions; Feelings; Copper Chakra) Heart; Blood Green Malachite; Emerald; Jade; Aven- turine; Kun- zite; Quartz Strengthens heart/blood; Releases fear; Enhances dreams
Fermentation Vishuddha (Concepts; Communi- cation; Mercury Chakra) Throat; Thymus; Thyroid; Sound; Vibration Turquoise; Light Blue Turquoise; Blue Topaz; Aquamarine;  Iolite Balance of nerves; Align chakras; Creativity; Channeling; Vitalizing energy
Distillation Ajna               (Intuition; Second Sight; Silver Chakra) Brow; Pituitary; Liver; Life Force Indigo; Deep Blue Lapis Lazuli; Sodalite; Sapphire; Moldavite; Opal; Moonstone Lymphatic; Mental clarity; Psychic powers
Coagulation Sahasrara (Imagination; Gold Chakra) Brain; Pineal; Crown of head; Elixir; Ambosia Violet; Ultraviolet Amethyst; Fluorite; Yellow To- paz; Pearl; Diamond General whole body healing; Regeneration


VII. Correspondences of the Tarot Tradition




Tarot Lunar Conjunction


Tarot Solar Conjunction


Tarot Stellar Conjunction

Calcination (1) Magician (Mercury, Hermes, Thoth, God) Search for truth; conscious willpowers; realization of falsity. (8) Justice (Themis, Judge) Disposition; caution in taking advice; independent view; prejudging. (15) Devil(Hermaphrodite, Typhon, Set) Fission; adversary; revealer of knowledge; impurity.
Dissolution (2) High Priestess(Female Pope, Isis) Pure experience; unconscious powers; mystical union; lack of foresight. (9) Hermit (Saturn) Meditation; time; wisdom; sage; withdrawl from society; self-absorption; slowing down to feel things. (16) Tower (Athanor, Babel, Sodom) Higher dissolution; punishment of pride or ego; ruination of worldly approach.
Separation (3) Empress (Queen, Soul, Ishtar, Demeter) Fertility and birth; beauty; receptivity; recognizing essences; must do something. (10) Wheel of Fortune(Midas) Overview of processes; change; eternal return; reincar- nation; bad or good luck; Fate. (17) Stars (Anahita, Aphrodite) Cosmic energy and perspective; new beginnings; salvation; faith; hope.
Conjunction (4) Emperor (King, Spirit, Dionysus) Ego stabilization; independ- ence; active creativity; impregnation; power over status quo. (11) Strength(Hercules, Samson) Exhaltation; strength of purpose; applied will; courage to proceed; self confi- dence. (18) Moon (Diana) Hieros gamos; uncertainty; change- ability; open to powerful unseen influences; deception; cults.
Fermentation (5) Hierophant (High Priest, Pope, Zeus, Jupiter) Esoteric teachings; advice; healing; initiation; inspiration; conscience. (12) Hanged Man(Christ, Odin) Death of ego; sacrifice of self; adaptability; higher purpose; release of essences. (19) Sun (Apollo) Multiplication; health; wealth; gain; Projection; power; focused energy to those who succeed; true Elixir starts to flow.
Distillation (6) Lovers (Cupid, Venus) Duality; recombination; choice; decision; gaining perspective. (13) Death (Orpheus) Complete mortification; wasted lives; transform- ation; rebirth; NDE. (20) Judgement (God) Outside Wheel of Fortune; awakening; resurrection; one universal Life Force.
Coagulation (7) Chariot (Mars) Sublimation;  achieve- ment; control of opposing forces; victory. (14) Temperance(Maria Prophetissa) Precipitation; mercy; moderation; service; conserving energy. (21) World (Hermes) Fusion; success; immortal presence; fulfillment; return to innocence; sex act in head; OOBE.