The Ouroboros

Engine that Drives Reality

Ouroboros Above and Below

The Ouroboros connects the Above with the Below.

Laboratory Ouroboros

Stylized Ouroboros in a medieval alchemy lab in Heidelberg.

Ever-Patient Ouroboros

The Ouroboros is the connection between man and God.

Alexandrian Ouroboros 

“All is One!” cries this Ouroboros from Alexandrian Egypt.

Chinese Ouroboros

Chinese Ouroboros from Chou dynasty, 1200 BC.

Aztec Ouroboros
Seven-segmented Aztec Ouroboros.

Egyptian Ouroboros

“The Serpent Ouroboros” from ancient Egypt.

Earthly Ouroboros

Earthly Ouroboros from Alciato’s Emblems.

 Oceanic Ouroboros

Oceanic Ouroboros from Alciato’s Emblems.