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Practical Alchemy

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Weiner’s Herbal: A Guide to Herbal Medicine

This directory is a favorite of modern alchemists because it include the most current findings by both spagyric and traditional medical researchers into the curative properties of herbs. Includes Therapeutic Index, General Index, detailed entries and pictures of over 200 readily available herbs. Oversize Quality Paperback 8×10, 284 pages. Quantum Books 1993. ISBN 0-912-845-03-1. This book is out-of-print.

The Secret of the Emerald Tablet

This translation of sections of the nineteenth-century German alchemist Gottlieb Latz’ monumental work Die Alchemie deciphers the chemical formula hidden within the tablet that openly demonstrates all the principles of alchemy. The seven arcana chemicals of alchemy are revealed. Translated by Dennis William Hauck. Holmes Publishing 1993. ISBN 1558182039. 50 pp. $8.95. Item #885. To order online, click on bookcover.

Alchemy Reference Guide

This handbook is an invaluable tool for those seeking to understand the profound and mysterious art of alchemy. It contains a comprehensive dictionary of alchemical terms, guide to alchemical ciphers and symbols, charts of alchemical correspondences, and a free downloadable TrueType alchemy font set with key code chart. ISBN 0-9637914-6-X 5×9-Booklet. $5.95. Item #847. To order, click on bookcover

The Forge and the Crucible : The Origins and Structures of Alchemy
by Mircea Eliade, Stephen Corrin (Translator)

Paperback – 238 pages (1979)
University of Chicago Press; ISBN: 0226203905



Order Now! Herbal Alchemy
by Philip Hurley

 Paperback – 104 pages (2001)
Maithuna Publications; ISBN: 0971012504


Order Now!Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica Or Plain and Honest Directions on How to Make the Stone
by Frater Albertus

Hardcover – 144 pages (1998)
Samuel Weiser; ISBN: 0877288925 


Order Now!Sonic Alchemy
by Joshua Leeds

Paperback – 262 pages (1997)
InnerSong Press; ISBN: 0965778606



Order Now!The Alchemical Works of Geber
by Jabir Ibn Hayyan, Richard Russell (Translator)

Hardcover – 320 pages (1994)
Samuel Weiser; ISBN: 0877288119


Order Now!Eighteenth Century Chemistry As It Relates to Alchemy
by Encyclopedia Brittania

Paperback (1997)
Kessinger Publishing; ISBN: 1564593045