Alchemical Practitioners

Alchemical Practitioners


Calcination Work

Body-Mind Counseling (Biofeedback, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy)  

Calcining Meditation (Mindfulness Training, Zen Meditation)   

Habit Control (Neuro-linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Support Groups)

Movement Therapy (Aerobics, Bellows Breath, Dance of Sulfur, Tensegrity)

Psychotherapy (Anger Management, Clearing, Jungian Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Stress Management, Transactional Analysis)

Purification Methods (Colon Therapy, Fasting, Sweat Lodges)

Dissolution Work

Energy Field Work (Aikido, Aura Therapy, Bionergetics, Chi Work, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Kung Chi, Polarity, Rosen Method, Tai Chi, Taoist Alchemy, Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health)

Dissolving Meditation (Bain Marie Meditation, Cibation Meditation)

Muscle Work/Emotional Release (Crying Therapy, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Message Therapy, Myotherapy, Neuro-muscular Training, Orgone Therapy, Primal Scream, Rebirthing, Rolfing, Swedish Message, Trager Method, Trigger Point)   

Separation Work

Alchemy Training (Audio Tapes, Home Study Courses, Publications, Videos)

Breath Work (Pranayama)

Retreat Centers (Monasteries, Spas)

Separating Meditation (Surrender Exercises)

Shamanic Training (Men’s Groups, Second Attention Training, Spiritual Warrior Training, Women’s Groups) 

Conjunction Work

Accupuncture (Accupressure, Color Puncture, Galvanic Testing, Ohashiatsu, Shiatsu)

Chakra/Metals Balancing (Alexander Technique, Chiropracty, Color Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy,  Feldenkrais Method, Hellerwork, Kinesiology, Kundalini Yoga, Network Chiropractic, Ortho-Bionomy, Osteopathy, Phoenix Rising Yoga, Reiki, Structural Integration, Tantric Yoga, Taoist Alchemy, Yoga)

Conjuncting Meditation (Sacred Earth Meditation)

Holistic Medicine (Anthroposophic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Dentistry, Holistic Vision, Iridology, Midwifery, Reflexology)

Natural/Spagyric Treatments (Aromatherapy, Chelation Therapy, Herbology, Homeopathy, Macrobiotics, Nutrition Counseling, Natural Healing, Naturopathy)

Sacred Sites (Publications, Tours)

Fermentation Work

Fermenting Meditation (Fermenting Light, Hypnagogic Trance, Mental Imagery Development, Inner Light Meditation)

Intuitive Counseling (Intuitive Training, Psychic Counseling, Psychic Healing, Tarot Readings)

Paranormal Counseling (Experiencer Groups, Publications)

Shamanic Methods (Psychedelics, Dervish Dance, Vision Quests)

Spiritual Methods (Sufic Union, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Transformation, Transpersonal Psychology, Transcendental Meditation)  

Distillation Work

Astrology/Numerology (Astrology Charts, Astrological Counseling, Astro-Numerology, Numerological Counseling)

Distilling Meditation (Cohobation Meditation, Circulation of the Light)

Instructor/Therapist Training (Alchemy Certification Programs, Educator Programs)

Coagulation Work

Astral Projection (Eckankar, Near-Death Experiences, Out-of-Body Training, Shamanic Flight)

Coagulating Meditation (Grand Meditation Training)

Dreamwork (Dreamweaving, Lucid Dreaming)

Psychokinesis (Psionics, Psi-Healing)

CHERI KUSSAVAGE – Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Cheri Kussavage is a clairvoyant, Cranio-Sacral therapist using gentle, non-invasive manipulative techniques to manipulate neurological and subtle energies to transform and release tissue injury memories and musculoskeletal pain.

The Cranial Sacral System is a physiological system that exists in humans as well as those animals possessing a brain and spinal cord. Its name is derived from the bones involved, and an imbalance of this system can adversely affect the development and function of the nervous system, which can result in sensory, motor, and intellectual dysfunction.

Trained therapists are able to palpate the Cranio-Sacral motion anywhere in the body to locate and solve problem areas. Treatment encourages your own natural mechanisms to improve the functioning of your brain and spinal cord to dissipate the negative effects of stress and to enhance your general health and resistance to disease.

CHERI KUSSAVAGE, 206 Sacramento Street (Ste. 203B), Nevada City, CA  95959. Tel: 530-263-2898. Email:[email protected].

TARA STILES – Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung

Tara has been actively teaching tai chi since 1979. Her approach to teaching both tai chi and chi kung is to emphasize personal exploration and enjoyment rather than adherence to a particular tradition. She offers personal instruction, evening and day classes, weekend retreats. Classes held at the Sierra 2 Center in Curtis Park (Sacramento, California). For over 20 years, she has offered Tai Chi Yoga adventures that combine the serene qualities of tai chi and yoga with the beauty and excitement of the natural world. Tai Chi Yoga Adventures are open to everyone and require no previous experience in tai chi or yoga. These unique getaways range from weekend retreats to international vacations. Join us for a weekend in Bodega Bay, Lake Tahoe or Zion National Park, or for an extended vacation in Costa Rica, Hawaii or Bali/Australia. (916) 454-5526. Email: [email protected] . Website:

URSULA HANRAHAN – Spirtual Response Therapy

Alchemical healing therapist Ursula believes “true alchemy brings forth the highest potential for human beings, as it addresses all levels of the human nature and turns them into the perfection of our divine essence.”

Ursula has studied with many different Eastern and Western masters and has been initiated into many different systems of meditation. She received the title of Light Master after training with Tashira Tachi-Ren (author of “What Is the Lightbody?”) and was trained in Esogenic Colorpuncture at the Mandel Institute in Switzerland. She is also a Master Reiki Teacher and qualified in various other healing modalities including Pranic Healing and Applied Kinesiology.

Ursula is a certified consultant and instructor of Spiritual Response Therapy. For more information on this technique, visit Ursula has done extensive research into monoatomic gold and other m-state minerals directed at rejuvenation and turning on the “immortality codes” in DNA. In her work, she uses a German Kinesiology instrument known as a Biotensor to determine what metals individuals need for alchemical balance and growth.

URSULA HANRAHAN, 3020 Bridgeway (Suite 259), Sausalito, CA 94965. Phone: (415) 389-8444. Voicemail: (415) 267-7688. Her website is and her email is [email protected].


Author, lecturer, and consultant Dennis William Hauck works with students of alchemy and persons seeking information and guidance in psychological and spiritual transformation. He also holds certification classes in both practical and spiritual techniques.

A professional member of the International Alchemy Guild, the Association for Transpersonal Psychology, and the Institute for Noetic Sciences, Hauck works with the general public on issues of personal transformation using the ancient techniques of alchemy.

He is the translater of numerous old alchemy texts and author of The Emerald Tablet; Alchemy for Personal Transformation and The Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy.

DENNIS WILLIAM HAUCK, P.O. Box 22309, Sacramento, CA 95822-0309. Web:

JANEEDA PHILLIPS – Sacred Movement

Janeeda has been exploring the concept of multi-dimensionality and experientially working with the Cayce readings and other related materials since 1964. Her background includes working with many different forms of energy movement and sound vibration, and she has the ability to help others directly experience their fourth dimensional energy bodies. She holds seminars and consultations exploring the “limitless oscillating vibrational energies of sacred movement.”

Janeeda is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, a Black Sash in Kung Fu, a Tai Chi instructor, an Indian and Egyptian Yoga instructor, a classic Egyptian Belly Dance instructor, and a Paneurythmy instructor. She is a seminar instructor in human multi-dimensionality, energy anatomy, and meditation, and a member of the Adjunct Faculty for Atlantic University. For more information, call 757-479-1333 or email [email protected] .

NANCI SHANDERÁ, Ph.D., Transformational-Alchemical Counselor-Teacher

NANCI SHANDERÁ, Ph.D., Spiritual Director of the EarthSpirit Center Mystery School in Nevada City, California, offers spiritual guidance through alchemical dreamwork, counseling, and workshops. She excels in working with dreams from a high spiritual perspective, a process she has pursued since early childhood and has offered professionally since 1977. She is also an artist and writer.

She offers phone counseling for those who cannot travel to her location in Northern California. She currently teaches a weekly Dream class and a monthly workshop for women over 50 who wish to become True Elders as the Wise Women of our global tribe. (See website for details.)

She has written a shamanic novel on transformation: The Quilt: A Woman’s Journey to Power, available now on her website; and Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose, a book based in alchemical principles for transformation, and with a foreword by Dennis William Hauck. It will be released by Llewellyn in June, 2013 and available now for pre-order through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Nanci holds four degrees in education, transformational psychology, and the Religious Science ministry.She studied with Brugh Joy, M.D. since 1977 until his death in 2009.

NANCI SHANDERÁ, Ph.D., EarthSpirit Center, Nevada City, California. Phone: (530) 265-9097, email:[email protected],


JANET K. TURNER – Intuitive Astrology and Numerology 

JANET K. TURNER is an intuitive astrologer and numerologist working to facilitate alchemical activation in individuals and organizations. She is manager of Mercury Rules, a transformative consulting service which works with people, pets, and businesses. Of her work, she says: “I read and research each client but my understanding and interpretations are intuitive and come to me through meditation and flashes of genius!” She offers a variety of astrological reports (AstroTalk, Sky Within, Nodal Analysis and Interpretation) for $25 each. Personal interpretations are $40 per hour if verbal and taped. Written interpretations are $50 per hour. Janet K. Turner, Mercury Rules. Phone: (916) 638-4344. Email: [email protected].

Alchemy Study Program

Guided home study in the ancient art of alchemy is available from certified Master Alchemists in your area. The following seven modules are available for home study:

  • Alchemistic Philosophy
  • Practical Laboratory Alchemy
  • Spagyrics: Signatures and Healing
  • The Metals and Their Correspondences
  • Spiritual Alchemy and Perfection of the Soul
  • Using Alchemy in Everyday Life
  •  Master Alchemist Certification

Materials provided include texts, chemicals, herbs, tinctures. Chemical demonstrations are part of each module. Average completion is 6-8 weeks per module. You must pass a written test to progress to the next module. A certificate will be issued after completion of all six modules and passing of a comprehensive examination.

Module 7 is a 3-6 month course designed to certify teachers to hold local alchemy seminars, classes, and personal consultations, as well as grade and support local students taking home study courses. Modules 1-6 must be successfully completed before admission to Module 7 level. Final diploma will be issued after completion of Module 7 and submission of dissertation on alchemical topic of your choice.

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