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Quantum Alchemy

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The Quantum Tai Chi: The Dance of Mind Over Matter

This book uses quantum Guage Theory to develop a theory of consciousness that encompasses the alchemy of the universe and explains synchronicity, Fate, paranormal phenomena, spontaneous healing, and Self-realization. Empyran Quest Publishing 1996. ISBN 1890711004. 211 pp. To order online, click on book cover.

Learning to Swim in the Quantum Soup

Learning to Swim in the Quantum Soup

The belief that thought has real impact in our lives is supported in this book with solid science from such legendary quantum physicists as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Werner Heisenberg. No mathematics necessary for this learning experience! Loridad Publishin

The Hidden DomainThe Hidden Domain: Home of Nature’s Creative Source

This book explains how our familiar three-dimensional world is a reality arising from an invisible ocean of potential that surrounds us — what the alchemists would have referred to as the First Matter. P


Taking the Quantum Leap: New Physics for Nonscientists

This is the best introduction to the new physics of spirituality for the general reader. At the same time, the book provides great insight into the relationship between mind, imagination, and substance. HarperCollins 1988. ISBN 0060963107. 304 pp. $18.00. To order online – click on bookcover. 

The Conscious Universe: Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

The director of the Consciousness Research Laboratory at the University of Nevada provides scientific proof that objects or events can be perceived beyond our ordinary sense capabilities and that the actions of physical bodies can be influenced through mental powers. HarperCollins 1997. ISBN 0062515020. 384 pp. $25.00. To order – click on bookcover.

The Dreaming Universe: The Realm Where Psyche and Physics Meet

By linking research ranging from ancient Greek “dream temples” to modern lucid dreaming studies, physicist Fred Alan Wolf theorizes that dreaming is the basis for consciousness and that it is through dreaming that we manifest ourselves. Touchstone Books 1995. ISBN 0684801590. $13.00. To order online – click on bookcover.

More Information!The Fourth Dimension : Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, and Mathematics
by Rudolf Steiner, Catherine Creeger

Paperback – 256 pages (2001)
Anthroposophic Press; ISBN: 0880104724


 More Information!Mind into Matter : A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit
by Fred Alan Wolf

Paperback – 184 pages (2000)
Moment Point Press, Inc.; ISBN: 0966132769


More Information!The Self-Aware Universe : How Consciousness Creates the Material World
by Maggie Goswani, Richard Reed, Amit Goswani, Fred Alan Wolf

Paperback Reprint edition (1995)
J P Tarcher; ISBN: 0874777984


 More Information!Towards a New Alchemy : The Millennium Science
by Nick Begich, Patrick Flanagan (Illustrator)

Paperback – 180 pages (1997)
Earthpulse Pr; ISBN: 0964881225