A Beginner

The author of this book, Dennis William Hauck, is a practicing alchemist versed in both Eastern and Western techniques of alchemy and widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on the ancient art and the benefits it offers contemporary practitioners. Now, in Sorcerer’s Stone, the first basic primer on the subject, he makes alchemy’s secrets and powers accessible to everyone with the desire to experience physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. By providing clear explanations, moving meditations, and hands-on experiments making tinctures and elixirs, this beautifully illustrated guide passes on the knowledge and creative energy of alchemy’s magnificent discipline—sending a golden arc of learning from thousands of years in the past into your life today.

Hauck presents a fascinating history of alchemy – from the ancient Emerald Tablet to modern quantum chemistry – and elaborates on its arcane principles in an intimate, conversational way that anyone can understand. His portrayals of individual alchemists (like Flamel, Fulcanelli, and Isaac Newton) bring them alive and show how they built on each other’s work through an “Underground River” of secret knowledge passed down through the ages.

Moreover, Hauck makes clear that alchemy is a means of personal transformation that enables you to meet your highest potential as a human being. Although the alchemists spoke in terms of vessels, furnaces, and chemicals, they were really talking about changes taking place in their own inner nature. They worked with the archetypal energies of metals to change their own “temperament” from lead to gold – to rejuvenate their bodies, integrate their personalities, and perfect the very essence of their souls. The bizarre drawings and cryptic writings of the alchemists refer to specific operations that work on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Today, enlightened physicians and healers are demonstrating that alchemical methods can protect and rejuvenate the body and even heal brain and spinal cord injuries.

Complete with alchemical engravings from the Middle Ages as well as insightful charts and diagrams, this illuminating handbook will teach aspiring alchemists the true art of transformation.


What Is Alchemy?


The Golden Thread That Runs Through Time


The Principles of Alchemy

    The Kitchen Alchemist: Making Tinctures and Elixirs


    The Ladder of the Planets


    Saturn’s Child: The Base Metal Lead


    Jupiter’s Rule: The Courtly Metal Tin


    Mars’ Challenge: The Angry Metal Iron


    Venus’ Embrace: The Loving Metal Copper


    Mercury’s Magic: The Living Metal Mercury


    The Moon’s Reflection: The Lunar Metal Silver


    The Sun’s Brilliance: The Solar Metal Gold


    The Operations of Alchemy


    Personal Purification


    Becoming an Alchemist

    The book includes an extensive glossary and resource guide.

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