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The Alchemy Lab Web Ring consists of a variety of independent websites devoted to alchemy and the Great Work. The Great Work of the alchemists was nothing less than the perfection of all three levels of reality (the Material, the Mental, and the Spiritual) and anyone operating a website devoted to transformation in any of these areas is invited to join the Alchemy Lab Web Ring. The ring is made up of member sites dedicated to such diverse transformational topics as the Hermetic sciences, practical alchemy, spiritual gnosis, mythology, pagan studies, healing, personal development, mystical and paranormal experiences, quantum reality, and parapsychology. Please note that the Alchemy Lab Web Ring is operated by a volunteer and is not directly associated with 


The Once and Future Science is Anthony House’s website on Hermetic Philosophy that contains the essential teachings of the famed alchemist Frater Albertus.

Ages of Alchemy is a visually stunning excursion into the history and applications of the Great Work, including sections on Flamel’s Alchemy with the original Abraham the Jew Plates and instructions on making an LPN furnace.

Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe presents ideas and images about transforming consciousness and reaching a higher level of reality. Also offers two online books: Reality Inspector (a novel) and Foundation for a New Consciousness.

Alchemy Works Seeds & Herbs is a source for difficult-to-find seeds and herbs that have traditionally been used either medicinally or shamanistically.

Primateria is an international foundation that seeks to advance the development of consciousness on the spiritual, mental, and physical levels.

The House of Tum details the remarkable spiritual odyssey of poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning as they unveil the code in Aleister Crowley’s Book of Laws

Crucible Catalog is devoted exclusively to products and services for the spiritual seeker. Many unique alchemical products can be found nowhere else. Order online or request a catalog.

The Alchemy Key is an unusual book about alchemy and mystery religions throughout history and the Bible’s King Melchizedek, who first possessed the Philosopher’s Stone.

EarthSpiritCenter is a dynamic community of spiritual seekers, who use shamanic and alchemical methods for spiritual advancement. The director is Nanci Shandera, a spiritual alchemist and highly regarded spiritual teacher. 

An Alchemist’s Treasure offers an insightful summary of alchemical philosophy plus original alchemy texts such as “The Treasure of Treasures” by Paracelsus, “Summi Philosophi et Chemici” by Joachim Tanckivs, and “The Discovery of Secrets” by Abu Musa Djaber.

Haunted Places is a travel guide to current paranormal activity, sacred sites, & haunted buildings throughout the world. Audio and photo files of current cases; true life experiences.

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