This website is devoted to helping individuals understand and apply the principles of alchemy. Alchemy's most basic tenet is that there are two ways of knowing reality. Learning to work with both of them is how the journey of transformation begins.

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SOLAR PATH - The first way of knowing is rational, deductive, argumentative, intellectual thinking that is the hallmark of science and our patriarchal Western culture. The alchemists called this consciousness Solar and assigned it many code words, such as the Sun, Fire, Sulfur, the King, Spirit, and ultimately, the One Mind of the universe. Throughout this website, whenever material involves left-brain activity like lists, linear thought, schematics, formulae, arguments and logic, the icon used will be the Sun symbol. ....more


LUNAR PATH - The alchemists called the other way of knowing Lunar. This kind of intelligence is a non-linear, image-driven, intuitive way of thinking that is an accepted tool of the arts and religion. Among its symbols are the Moon, Water, Mercury, the Queen, the Holy Ghost, Soul, and ultimately, the One Thing of the universe. Throughout this website, whenever the material involves right-brain activity dealing with drawings, paintings, mandalas, symbols, music, and meditation, the icon used will be the Moon symbol. ....more


Stellar Path

Whenever possible, the material on this website will be presented from the Stellar Path, which is the sacred marriage of both the King's and the Queen's viewpoints. The alchemists believed that perfection could only be achieved by working with both Solar and Lunar ways of knowing and ultimately uniting them in a third state of Stellar Consciousness, an integrated existence that Egyptian alchemists called "Intelligence of the Heart."

This level of consciousness is embedded in this website in a kind of spiritual hypertext that results from a wordless merging of the Lunar and Solar ways of working with the material. Stellar Consciousness is a unified state of incorruptible wisdom symbolized by the heroic Philosopher's Child that resulted from the marriage of the King and Queen. Other symbols include Sophic Mercury, Gold, the Philosopher's Stone, the Astral Body, and of course, the Stars themselves. For, in the ancient teachings of the alchemists, we are all embarked on a journey through the manifested planets -- a journey home to the Stars. 


"It is not the object of these pages to furnish proof to the skeptic of the truth of alchemy, nor to offer arguments so the incredulous may believe in its possibility. But those who have had a mystical experience or witnessed the processes of alchemy in their own lives may receive real benefit from working with this material." - Alchemy by Franz Hartmann (1838-1912) 

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