ChaostarFirst Matter (Chaos) Art

The essence of the First Matter, which is chaos, seems to evoke octal or octagon imagery. Thanks to modern mathematics and the evolution of Chaos Theory, the computer itself becomes a tool in generating chaos as is evidenced by Fractal Diagrams. For alchemists, however, chaos is the First Matter and the source of all transformative energy. Place your curser over the artwork to see credits and links.


Fractal Chaostar by Fenwick Rysen. An impressive combination of fractal and octal chaos imagery.Gold Chaosphere Icon is a symbol of Chaos Magic and can be seen as the archetypal "atom" of chaos. Click for the Chaos Matrix website.



Magical Symbols by Anders Sanberg shows octal chaos and the cornucopia of the First Matter.



Fluchtpunkt by Hans-Werner Sahm is a wonderful depiction of the Above and the Below with the humid First Matter below and white light above.


    Visions of Chaos and the First Matter by Medieval Alchemists

Archetypes Emerge from the One ThingLight Emerges from the One Mind into the Chaos of the One Thing.



The One Mind Projects Creation into the One Thing.

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