Alchemy Lab Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors

  • The Organelle Visionary Art Award was given to the Alchemy Lab website in July 2002. There are only seven such awards given so far. According to the award committee: “We do this for a variety of reasons, but primarily because we wish to create a network of support for people who are doing visionary and revolutionary things in their personal pursuit of the mysteries and revelations of creativity. Your site  is wonderful, as are many other aspects of your work.” The award can be viewed on our Awards Page.

  • Noetic Sciences Review  (official journal of the Institute for Noetic Sciences – IONS) sings the praise of Alchemy Lab in the June/August 2001 issue: “Prepare yourself for an essential adventure as you step into the Alchemy Lab. From the moment you enter the URL into your browser, you will be taken on a cosmological ride through the twists and turns of Hermetic alchemy. Devoted to balancing solar (intellectual) knowledge with lunar (intuitive) knowledge in order to create “stellar” consciousness, the Alchemy Lab provides a solid groundwork for both the seasoned alchemist and the budding novice. Resources at the site include the bimonthly magazine Alchemy Journal, an electronic dictionary of alchemical symbols and terminology, an alchemy home study course, and so much more we can’t even begin to list it here. This site is truly a reflection of the Great Work!”    

  • Stanislas Klossowski de Rola says Alchemy Lab  is “the finest homepage it has been my privilege to discover.” Stanislas Klossowski de Rola is the author of THE GOLDEN GAME, one of the most important resources for original alchemical engravings available, and ALCHEMY: THE SECRET ART, a beautiful collection of prints and insightful commentary from the Art and Imagination series. (For more information on either of his books, click on the title.)  The European prince was educated in Switzerland and England and lived for many years in Sri Lanka. A lifelong student of alchemy, his father is the famous painter Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski de Rola). “I wish to congratulate you on the finest homepage it has been my privilege to discover,” he writes. “In our Ancient Art, Beauty is a capital element all too often neglected in this modern age. Practical considerations in almost every field almost invariably prevail at the expense of Beauty, which is the visible manifestation of the Divine Natural Spirit of Balance and Harmony — here perfectly expressed by these brilliantly adapted Atalanta Fugiens emblems.”

  • Esoteric Art – Alternate Realities in Art and Thought presents Alchemy Lab with their Recommended Site of the Month award. “World renowned author/lecturer Dennis William Hauck” says the site’s write-up, “is the motive force behind this incredible site. The site will take you weeks to travel, and you’ll grow with every click! This website is not only an encyclopedic source of information on this ancient mystical science but is itself a living talisman.” Visit the Esoteric Art site at  

  • London Times article calls Alchemy Lab website “one of the most stunning web archives ever.”  This website was featured in the January 20, 1999, issue of the venerable London Times. In his column “Weird Web,” Uri Geller described how he impressed he was with the site. “It will take weeks to digest everything  here,” says Uri, “but for new converts the journey will not end at the lab. About 200 alchemy links are provided — the world’s most ancient science seems to be on of the Web’s hottest topics.” You can read the article online at the London Times Website. While you’re at it, be sure to visit Uri Geller’s Psychic City.

  • You have a fantastic site. I really look forward to delving deeper into it and learning more about alchemy — something that has been on my wish list for quite awhile. Thanks for making it so convenient and such a pleasant experience with your wonderful addition to the web. I am proud to award your site with the Mythos & Logos Award. – Brent Dean Robbins <[email protected]

  • Congratulations! Your site is of superior quality, and reflects a deep intellectual integrity, a passionate commitment to transcendence, and one hell of a lot of hard work!  I am only to happy to give you the Snow Lion Award. – Remington Dante <[email protected]>  

  • Your site is quite impressive! What a wonderful resource for personal transformation. I’ve always had a curiosity about alchemy, especially in view of the fact that Carl Jung’s vision was influenced by his studies in that area. You most certainly qualify for the Higher Mind Award. – Persephone <[email protected]

Mythos and Logos Award

Pride of the Snow Lion Award

Esoteric Art Award

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Golden Web Award

Seal of Patterns Award

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Higher Mind Award

  Paracelsus Award

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