The Paracelsus Award for Outstanding Websites

The Paracelsus Award

The Paracelsus Award is presented by the International Alchemy Guild (IAG) to English, German, Spanish, Russian, and French language web sites. The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor outstanding web resources, archives, and commercial, organizational, and personal URLs that elucidate the philosophy of alchemy or apply alchemical methods to the arts and sciences. The categories include not only Hermetic web sites but also sites devoted to personal transformation, health, psychology, creative arts, history, business, spiritual disciplines, as well as the traditional sciences. The criteria for the award in order of importance are as follows:

  1. The web site must either offer resources for transformation (“perfecting” or transmuting something) or attempt to explain the universal principles of transformation behind alchemy. 
  2. The web site must show serious intent. Web sites for entertainment only or web sites that offer magical or alchemy role-playing games will be disqualified.  
  3. The alchemical purpose of the web site should be obvious on entry. The harder the transformational resources or alchemical nature of the site are to find, the less likely the award will be given.
  4. The transformational material should be well organized. The site should be easy to navigate with graphics and resources loading within a reasonable time. 

Past Winners range in focus from sites devoted to magic to those covering quantum physics and include amateur, professional, and commercial categories. Use the Nomination Form below to submit your web site or recommend someone else’s. 

Auroleus Phillipus Theostratus Bombastus von Hohenheim, immortalized as “Paracelsus,” was born in 1493. He was the son of a well known physician, and it was from him that Paracelsus took his first instruction in medicine. At the age of sixteen, Paracelsus entered the University of Basil where he applied himself to the study of alchemy, surgery, and medicine. A devoted alchemist and iconoclastic teacher, Paracelsus is credited with the practice of modern medicine and introduced many new compounds, including opium and mercury, into the arsenal of physicians. Acknowledged as the inventor of chemical pharmacology and therapeutics, his works also indicate a spiritually advanced knowledge of the universal principles of the life force.


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