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I spent the first 27 years of my life in the depression and denial of the Calcination phase. Then, I had some life-changing experiences which showed me I was wrong in my ways. This change (a new Conjunction) was lifesaving and, in a symbolic way, it picked me up, pointed me in another direction and pushed me forward in my life. However, in the same spirit of the fool that I was, off I went playing the fool again. I went searching for intellectual information, “thinking” I would somehow find myself.

I am 57 years old now and have just realized in the last thirty years that intellectual searching is over for me. I have learned all I need to know — not all there is to know, only all I need to know. I am looking for Fermentation, the unconditional love that is free from the tyranny of self. Up to now, my life has been a negative Male Path of self, that is marked by ego, separation from essence, the need to be always “right,” and the fear of being the “real me.” Actually this fear was so great, it made it next to impossible to find myself.

It was not “myself” in the normal sense of the word that I eventually found but the love of my “Self” in a relationship with a passive or receptive presence in me. It is this part that is allowing “me” to open up to My/Our Infinite Self. Some people call it God, but I really do not want to name it because that then labels it. And with labels some “think” they know what I mean or others “think” it is blasphemy. This is the frustration of words, which are inherently limiting and linear.

I am now beginning to learn the Heart (or Self) is the place to come to terms with my tyrannical ego (self). The intellect only kept the wall between “Self” and “self” strong. That is why I feelso strong about how we have misled ourselves as people and introduced the illusion of Separation. When one wants Truth bad enough, then one Sees the lies hidden in the misinformation taught by so-called authority figures who still believe in their “selves.” Each “self” is the one so small, it is consumed with fear because it tells “itself” that it is the capstone of the hierarchy of life. Some of the teachings of this self are “divide and conquer” or “tell a lie often enough and people will come to believe it.”

This is all so simple yet so complex; it takes too many words to express it. I just wish more and more people in authority would start living a life in which their words and their actions are ONE. It needs to start where it all began in each of us: education. Parents everywhere need to understand and teach their children the one simple truth that Life Is All One. Life is interconnected; the world of people “thinking” they dominate other people, animals, and even the earth itself is false. How egocentric can we be? How far can we go? Will we contaminate the whole universe? I don’t think we’ll get too far in the universe the way we are, but we sure can make a good mess of however far we do get. Of course, from the infinite perspective, that is OK, since we are allowed an infinite amount of time to get “It” right.

What some of us are missing is that it is up to us to get “It” right. God has always known “It,” and so have we, because as Christ said, “I and my Father are One.” We only need to realize “It” and live “It.” By authority figures telling the highest Truth in media interviews and public contacts, the common person can be reached. It certainly is not going to happen through a multi-national, super-rich class of valueless elite. On the contrary, they are putting out the opposite of Truth and have been since the beginning of “his-story.” They have done it by the “divide and conquer” philosophy, and that is why it is so important to put humpty-dumpty (the common person) back to together (united) again.

I am reminded of Hermes question to the Divine Pymander: “But tell me further, Mind of me. How shall I come to Life again, for God does say ‘the man who had Mind in him, let him learn to know that he himself is deathless.’ Have not all men then Mind?” BE AWAKENED!

– Aloha, Michael  [email protected]


I was clicking on the Alchemist Laboratory picture at your website and got to the last I could find — the Ouroboros or “engine of creation.” Wow! That image really hit home! I am an artist living in a little 8X12-foot building I made on my parents place and have worked here for about the past fifteen years. I first made it as a foundry for bronze casting, and when I got my furnace I couldn’t resist trying to melt iron — as they said you could with it. I was able to do so and proceeded to cast a little round figure I had sculpted. This was the first figure I ever sculpted, and it was the serpent eating its own tail. I don’t know why I made it. I had seen it in some book. Anyway, when I saw the symbol again on your website, it evoked these deep feelings of truth in me. I still have the sculpture. It is molded of molten iron and weighs about five pounds. Your website is full of these meaningful images. These kinds of “coincidences” are adding up in my life. I think they are some sort of “signs” pointing towards a greater truth!

– Tom Rawlings   [email protected]


I have a very clear memory from something that happened about three years ago that seems alchemical in nature and might help in your research. In mid-December of 1995 I was driving home from work around 11;30 at night. Passing through an intersection I was struck by an oncoming car. During the impact my sense was that part of me was “yanked” or “pulled out” through my chest. My vantage point was above and behind my physical body, about 15 feet over the car. I could see the back of my head and the dash board, without words I questioned “was it safe for me” and “do I want to return” to that /this body. I was only partially aware of physical sensations. I moved my left arm and leg, vaguely aware of discomfort. I made an attempt to get out of the car, it took much effort for me to release the seat belt and open the door. I regained my “normal” perspective and motor skills once I answered “yes” to being back in my body. This conversation, was very clear I was given a choice by some aspect or part of myself about remaining in a body. Detachment, possibly mild interest, was all I “felt” at the time of this decision.

– Sarah E. Brown  [email protected]


A few years ago, we were living on a beautiful acreage we had rented in Colorado. We had horses, a lush garden, and I loved planting flowers everywhere. I’m not sure if we lived in a some sort of special vortex or what, but many mystical things happened in the seven years we lived there. One experience in particular stands out in relation to the Philosopher’s Stone.

I had attended a workshop in which I learned more of Carl Jung’s work. He had a collaborator by the name of Marie Von Franz. Anyway, I had just finished her book on the Philosopher’s Stone. A day or so later, I was out doing chores, feeding the horses and chickens. As I came into the back door of the house, I looked down to see that I had not emptied the small container I kept near the door for vegetable peelings I saved for the chickens. I went back outside to dump the peelings and then over to the water hydrant to rinse out the container. I had been back and for the the hydrant all morning, watering the horses and chickens. This time, as I turned from the hydrant, I nearly tripped over a stone about the size of my fist. I was stunned at its sudden appearance! There were no stones larger than the size of a nickel anywhere in the area. I looked down and was mystified by this stone. It is the shape and about the size of a human heart. It had the deep red color of a human heart, too. It had simply appeared out of nowhere! And I knew it was somehow meant for me. I just knew it symbolized the Philosopher’s Stone. It has sat on my bed table every since.

I took it, once, to a youth camp I was asked to help organize to teach the youth Native American Spirituality. I used it as the center of the medicine wheel we built. But, before we placed it in the center of our ceremony and wheel, I felt the urge to let each youngster hold the Stone Heart to their own beating heart. It was fun to see the astonished looks on the faces of those that were ready to receive whatever special energy it gave them!

– Janet Lee Meisinger  [email protected]

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