Modern Alchemical Art

The Art of Kurt Godwin

The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine (Statement by Artist)

The original works in this section are for sale directly from the artist, Kurt Godwin [email protected] . The artist also welcomes feedback and comments on the alchemical significance of his work. Please note that all artwork in this section is copyrighted. © Kurt Godwin. All Rights Reserved. 

The Art of Nicholas Shepherd

  • Series One  (Sunrise on the World Theater – Magic Influences – Crown)

  • Series Two  (Holy Spirit – Besides Irregularity – Olympic Rings)

  • Series Three  (Blue Diamond – Initiation – Inexhaustible Source)

  • Series Four  (Hi Tech – The Wiseman’s Stone – Hatch Out)

  • Series Five  (No Escape – Maze – Knowledge)

Born and raised in Hungary, Nicholas studied art in Europe and the USA and has exhibited worldwide. His art characterizes his distinctive mysticism, and he plays with colors to try to capture the deeper energies involved in his themes. All rights  reserved  by  Nicholas  Shepherd. To purchase art or place an individual order (all sizes), contact Nicholas Shepherd, 7060 N. Maine Ave., Clovis, CA 93611. Phone: (559) 297-0841. FAX: (559) 298-9339. Email: [email protected]    

The Art of Norma Lloyd

This sampling of Norma Lloyd’s evocative work is about the alchemical evolution of consciousness,  a spiritual transition that is our journey home to truth and wholeness. Some of Norma’s artwork is designed to activate right brain and educate the heart in Hermetic principles directly. Her work is for sale in various size prints, and she can be contacted at [email protected]. Her website is Light Revelations.   © Norma L. Lloyd.

The Art of Philippe Piet van Putten 

In the modern mind, visions of the Philosopher’s Stone are often reported in the form of all-powerful and transformative objects seen in the sky. Artist Philippe Piet van Putten has captured this mythic alchemical presence in his paintings of UFOs. 

More information on Philippe Piet van Putten’s work can be found at the UFO Arts Website. Email: [email protected].  Please note that all artwork in this section is copyrighted. © Philippe Piet van Putten 1999.

The Art of Steve Hauck

A student at the Chicago Academy of Art, Steve Hauck’s pencil and charcoal renderings capture the spirit of transformation on an intensely personal level. His intuitive grasp of alchemical operations is impressive, from the exposure of the Quintessence in “Thread of Life” to his stark rendering of the materialistic Homonculus in his “Golem Series.” However, his insight shows most strongly in the themes of alchemical disintegration shown in “Dissolution” and “Shedding Identity” and in the hopeful resurrection of the triumphant spirit shown in “Conjunction.”  © Steve Hauck 1995-2002.

The Art of Jason Wolf

Looking at Jason’s pictures is like discovering previously unknown drawings by a medieval alchemist. They carry the same direct rendering and deep archetypal presence as those of the alchemists of the Middle Ages. In fact, it is sometimes hard to hard to believe these are modern works. Jason maintains a website with many more examples of his work at . Please note that all artwork in this section is copyrighted. © Jason Wolf 2001.

The Art of UncleSame

Comment by the artist: “I made this artwork after reading the first few chapter of Phil Hine’s Condensed Chaos. I was listening to techno-trance while working on it which explains it’s bright and somewhat psychedelic look. Basically what I tried to represent with it is the sudden disruption of order that gives rise to chaos.” – UncleSame (Julien G.) Email: [email protected]. Website: